What I have today (August 24th, 2013)

Hello Readers, back with me today 🙂

Well, even if today is saturday, I still have some lecture and studium generale for today. So, I spent this morning-noon at my campus. Such a nice day, I feel so happy because today’s lesson topic is so light, not a complex ones. After having lunch, me and my boyfriend decided to go to Trans Studio Mall (TSM) Bandung. Actually, the last time I go there is about 1 years ago.

The reason why I go to TSM today is because I have to go to L’occitane store. I have a free sample to take and the due date is tomorrow, and I don’t want to miss it. So, the first store that I go is L’occitane en Province. After took the samples, I saw the body shop store near the L’occitane. Then I remember, because of I am a telkomsel user, I could get special price for Vitamin E BB cream. The real prize is about IDR 139.000, but I bought it for IDR 99.000 .

Then this is the product that I need to review :


They are sublime beauty cream bb cream + sublime essence skin perfector. Use the sublime essence at night, before sleep, and use the bb cream for daily.




Vitamin E cool bb cream. This bb cream texture is so light and the colour is perfect for my skin tone. But I don’t get the information if this bb cream has SPF , UV A , UV B or something. It claims that this bb cream will give you moisturizer for 12 hours. I’m pretty sure there’s no perfume on it ingredients, because I don’t smell it.


I will write the full review soon. Just wait and see 🙂



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