as a normal student, I have a BIG dream, yes’s still a dream and I’m on progress to make it. Simple, I just want to see Eiffel Tower with my own eyes, Simple , right?

I’ve been little obsessed with french, I dunno since when it started. For a second, I thought I must be a dreamer but next second ,I think I’m pretty good to try get it.

First, I learn French Language at CCF Bandung. I’d just think, it’s not a bad choice to learn , even If I don’t go to France, I still can wrote “Speaking Ability : English and Francais” on my CV. (LOL)

I’ve learn there for almost 1 year, and now I’m on A1.2 level, and I do something stupid (again)! . Yeah, with my ability (which is not too smart), I bravely take A.1 DELF test . FYI, DELF is similar like TOEFL test for French Language Ability. Delf A.1 is the most begineer level in DELF. I never see the test paper sample, I never see the question before, I never had any information about how the test like. I just pretty stink to take it without any preparation.

It test take IDR 130.000 (if I’m not mistaken , forgive me if i’m wrong) @ CCF Bandung..Voila!

It consist of 4 section :

  • Ecrit Comprehension
  • Ecrite Production
  • Oral Comprehension
  • Oral Production

Simply we can say it, Listening, Writing, Speaking, Reading. and to pass this test ( I mean “not failed!”) you have to get minimum 50 score from 100 total.

Pretty scared, pretty hard, pretty interesting.

and the result is …

Alhamdulillah, I passed this..

I show it to my blog, it’s not mean that i want to show my arrogant side or pride. I just want to show, You’ll never know the result before you try, don’t fear of failed!

My tips for you 🙂

  • On listening section (the first section) : you have to listen carefully first then choose the best answer (multiple choice), DO NOT listen while you see the answer choices on paper test, It make your concentration down.
  • On production ecrit (or we can say it “writing”) there’s a limit of words, it’s only 300 words or more (of i’m not mistaken) , so DO NOT make the essay more than it (that’s fine if only few words more). My teacher told me about it after the test and I have wrote approximately 500 words (cry )
  • On oral production (speaking), concerned with you “conjugation” .. (ex : je parle ,nous parlons..not nous parlez), and BE NARSIST (ahahahaha). because first, they’ll ask about your self (name, age ,etc..) until you confused what to said again. Practice using interogative sentences, one of the section is we have to chose 6 words randomly, and make a question from that word. For example, if I got “chanson”, I can ask to the examinator “Quelle votre prĂ©fĂ©rĂ©e chanson?” (what are you favourite song?) .  Last, BE CONFIDENT!

I wish the best for you all, I wish this article will be useful for you. Sorry if there’s any disturbing word.

Bon Chance! Bon Courage!

Bonsoir! Au Revoir!

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